The Lucky Bunny Cleft Kit TheLucky Bunny Cleft KitTLBCK logo pink:white the perfect fundraiser for 88RMB or $15 for each box.

Schools, companies , alumni organizations and social groups can incorporate donations of cleft kits as a measurable and tangible gift that can truly have a long term impact for families living on the edge of poverty.

If you would like a representative from OLO to come speak to your group you need more information please  contact us.


toysCome to Cindy’s Corner at RenJi Hospital!

Families from all over China bring their children to RenJi Hospital Pediatric Liver Center.  Often the families are there for months on end.  A short visit and gently used clothes, toys, toiletries and fresh fruit and snacks can brighten their day!


Deaf TwinsSpecial Needs Education Sponsorship

We maintain close relationships with a school for low IQ children in Jiangxi Province and The Kaifeng School for the Deaf in Henan.  The schools struggle and try to never turn poor children away so tuition sponsorship is always helpful and instrumental in changing their life’s path.



cute boySurgery Sponsorship

Poor families with disabled children need help





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