deafSchool“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

Change, REAL CHANGE, is going to come through education.  To combat prejudice against people with disabilities

Let’s say a Western family wants to help a child with Down Syndrome in China.  They go through an agency, have a home study, pay upwards of $30K, go to China an adopt an abandoned child with Down’s Syndrome.  The family and the child live happily ever after.  China stays the same.

Let’s say the same family connects with “Granny Han’s” PengCheng Special Education School and sponsors a child with Down Syndrome’s education.  The child stays in their family, get an education and job training, gets a job in a factory or restaurant.  Neighbors, friends, society gets to know the child, the adult and will recognize him as a person of value, a home, a neighborhood, a workplace, a town, country will slowly be transformed.

One Less Orphan has maintained long term relationships with two Special Needs Schools in rural China, “Granny Han’s” PengCheng Special Education School in Xuzhou Jiangsu Province and The Kaifeng School for the Deaf in Henan Province.  One Less Orphan arranges for tuition sponsorships but money is paid directly to the schools.

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