Cindy8JuneOne Less Orphan started with the idea of helping families one at a time receive the medical they need.  The pressures facing families with medically fragile children are daunting.  Even if the right medical care is available the costs can quickly wipe out years of hard earned savings, further pressure to have the perfect child can divide families.  Parents braving the decision to keep a sick child need support and that is where One Less Orphan comes in.

One Less Orphan “piggybacks” with other organizations that help orphans to utilize and share resources.  By working with other organizations we are able to take advantage of existing relationships, discounts, medical missions and knowledge to get families the help they need.  By supporting families so that they can keep their children is the best possible way we can help orphans, by doing what we can so they never become orphans in the first place.

cute boyOne Less Orphan serves families by:

  • fundraising for surgeries
  • shepherding through the complicated medical system
  • connecting with needed resources
  • help with temporary housing and jobs


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