Kaifeng School for the Deaf is a boarding school for disadvantaged deaf children in Kaifeng, Henan Province. Kaifeng was once the capital of China and holds a very prominent place in Chinese history. However, today some of the poorest people in China live in Kaifeng and it’s surrounding communities.

The school was started in 2001 and is headed by the extremely resourceful Hannah (ZhangHong). Hannah started out at a Deaf Teacher and when her school closed her heart went out to all of the children without a school.

KDS is currently at its third location with about 80 students. 30 of the children live at the school as KDS also functions as a boarding school. The youngest of the students is three years old. As in the United States, deaf education must begin at very young age. The children are taught complete immersion (not sure I would use this term and would probably just leave that wording out. Just say “The children are taught how to lip read…”): how to lip read and speak, so that they can be (I would say, “with the goal of becoming”) part of the greater community and attend regular school.

Hannah also helps to facilitate teacher training throughout China to teach her methods. KSD was featured in Chapter 5 of Johnny Carr’s wonderful Orphan Justice. Johnny and his family adopted their son from China who had been attending her school through a partnership between KDS and his orphanage. They quickly became friends as Johnny’s wife, Beth, is also a deaf educator.

KSD was featured in Chapter 5 of Johnny Carr’s wonderful Orphan Justice


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