OneRayNatToni Less Orphan could not exist if it we not for the help of many friends and supporters. I would like to especially thank Kyla Alexander, Johnny and Beth Carr, Barbara Ettington, Sarah Evans, Toni and Paul Faulkner, Julie and Steve Garrett, Lucy Hyatt, Lily Kemph, Bonita Lim, Julia Mei-Summers, Elise Niels and Tineke, Melody Zhang, Amanda Oaks, Dr. David Roye, Danielle Ruan, Taylor Starnes, Tom Stader, Cindy Storer, Steve and Xinwei Schroeder, Pilar Tan, Elly Tanadi, Kate Thelander, Monica Slack, Ray and Jenni Wong, Peggy McCue, Jenni, YIng and Audrey, Karen Zhang, Melody Zhang, Joanne Sunderland, Roshney and Steven Willekins, Zhang Hong, Leah Zimmer.

And an especially big thanks to the talented Marianne Kaulima for designing our logos.

We work with several organizations and would like to thank all of the people at:

Agape Family Life
Children of China Pediatrics Foundation
Congregation of the Good Shepherd
Heart to Heart
International Concern for China
The Library Project
Mifan Mama
Shanghai Baby Home

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