Cindy8JuneEvery year thousands of families come on Shanghai seeking the best medical care in China. These families, often quite poor, have come having never left their home town before, will stay in the hospital for several months. Often two accompany each child, sharing a bed, eating whatever is available, while sharing a hospital room with several other families. Boredom, family pressures, culture shock set in and an already difficult situation is even harder.

Cindy’s Corner at Renji Hospital Pudong is a place of rest.  Located in the Pediatric Liver Center, Cindy’s Corner is where families can come to get toys, clothes, and treats.  Volunteers come to have simple art or music classes to bring some joy in a difficult situation.

We always welcome:toys

  • gently used toys, especially for babies under one year.
  • quality educational toys.
  • baby clothes and shoes
  • diapers
  • formula
  • toiletries

If you are interested in donating or volunteering please contact us.



    • Elizabeth Lew

      Hi, I’ve got some toys and gently used baby blankets looking for a place to donate, may I know is there a drop off point for the items? Thanks in advance.

    • naomi

      We can arrange for toys and blankets to be dropped off at RenJi Hospital. Please make sure toys are sterilized and blankets are clean.

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