Cindy23JuneIn early June 2014 Kyla, an Australian living in Hubei, had seen a family abandon their child.  Kyla ran to the family and begged them to keep their child, to please not leave her.  The family told the familiar story of helplessly watching their child diminish before their eyes.  Their seven month old baby girl was dying of liver failure and needed a transplant.  The only place for a liver transplant was in Shanghai and they had cleaned out their savings, had already borrowed all they could and Shanghai was far away where they knew no one.  They could no longer bear her cries.

Kyla called her friend, our founder, Naomi the only person she knew who lived in Shanghai and asked if she could help.  Naomi said YES! and the family left immediately to buy train tickets.  After a 20 hour train ride, the family arrived and One Less Orphan was born.

Cindy6JuneQuickly the family was shepherded through doctors appointments and was admitted into RenJi Hospital, and the process toward getting needed surgery began.  In the meantime a massive effort was made towards raising the money needed to pay for the expensive surgery.  Baby Chen was given the English name of Cindy was given an There was even an article with The Global Times.

There were many obstacles; bureaucracy to get permission for surgery, family fighting, neither parent could donate their liver while a rare blood type frustrated the wait for a donor, crowded conditions in the hospital made for hard living.  But there were also signposts of Grace; a generous outpouring from the international community, a government bureaucrat who went above and beyond the call of duty, friends who came to care for the young family.  After five long months the liver arrived.

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