GiangI (Naomi) was on holiday in Vietnam and me being me, wanted to learn about how Vietnam cares for their children.  Through the Dingo Cafe in Hoian I learned about  The Kianh Foundation and Giang, a little girl who was blind and deaf.

Giang is fiercely smart and had a mother who fought hard for her child, but the blind deaf combination was out of skill sets for Kianh.  I introduced  to our friend Petter Vibe at New Wave Hearing in Shanghai.

Originally we talked of a cochlear implant.  However it was quickly discovered that the new hearing aids she had didn’t work properly and for her situation high powered hearing aids were a better option than a cochlear implant.

A brand and make was identified and after a quick fundraising campaign, Giang was fitted with her new hearing aids in DaNang.

This is the familiar story of a family who needed help so their child could thrive.  Thank you Jackie, Nick and Petter for stepping in for this child and her family.

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